Thursday, July 12, 2012

It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado

Lucado, MaxIt’s Not About Me.  Nashville: Integrity, 2004.

Do you want a life that is happy and fulfilling?  According to Max Lucado, in his book It’s Not About Me, that life is found when it is centered on God.

When Moses found favor with God and could have asked for anything, he asked to see God’s glory.  Lucado describes this glory as God’s preeminence and priority.  God made everything.  Our purpose, the purpose of all creation, is to show His glory.
How do we glorify God and experience this happy, fulfilling life?  It starts with two steps that go together.  We must stop being self-centered and start contemplating God.
Self-centeredness is common.  If you think you’ve never been self-centered, you’re deluding yourself.    Many of us think about ourselves, our problems, our hopes, our needs, our pains, our pride, or something about ourselves almost all the time.  It is very easy to do.

To change this, we turn our thoughts to God.  We contemplate Him, His glory, His goodness, His power, His holiness, His accomplishments, His character, His ongoing work in this world, His love, and more about Him.

Keeping the eternal God on our minds gives us perspective.  We experience troubles, but those who are His in Christ will experience unending perfection with Him, making even a lifetime of problems seem like a brief moment.  Our immutable God as good plan that will not be changed by the shifting sands of human cultures, governments, and economies.  God’s love is inexhaustible; He chooses to love, He eternally purifies His people in Christ, and He will not withdraw His love.

This perspective on God should affect our behavior.  We should reflect His glory.  We should talk about Him.  We should express gratitude to Him, first for saving us and then for everything else He does in our lives.  We should live purely and take care of our bodies.  We should face problems with equanimity, remembering that problems are temporary and God may be glorified in surprising ways.  Even when we succeed, we should remember God, recognize His blessings, and imitate His generosity.

And we should never get things backwards.  We can never add anything to what God has done for us in Christ.  We can never deserve it.  We do good because God makes us able, because we are grateful, and because we love Him who loved us first.  It starts with God and He deserves the praise.


Yet we get something out of it anyway.  It’s all about God, but God loves us and wants us to be joyful and deeply satisfied.  Following God is the path to fulfillment.  When we delight ourselves in God and lift Him up, He readily delights in us and lifts us up.

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