Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Joy of Supernatural Thinking by Bill Bright

Bright, Bill. The Joy of Supernatural Thinking. Colorado Springs, CO: Victor, 2005.

Through this book, Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International, invites readers on a life of adventure. The adventure is greater than what any person could accomplish; it is living a life that can only be achieved with the power of God.

To Bright, supernatural thinking isn’t just positive thinking or dwelling on what is possible. It is thinking after God, imagining, planning and doing things for Him that would be impossible without him.

Supernatural thinking is also not esoteric thinking. It is instead seeking God and letting Him transform our minds and becoming informed about His plans for us. This may not be something that is common, but it should be within the grasp of every Christian. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and through Him we have the mind of Christ.

A life of supernatural thinking is one of great humility, though one empowered by God for great accomplishment. It begins with knowing God and submitting to Him. It continues with seeking His vision for your life. It involves abandoning reliance on human effort and adopting a perspective that includes the power of God to accomplish what He wills.

Supernatural thinking involves deeply trusting God and letting that deep trust, and the high expectations it engenders, influence the way we pray, our plans and the way we love others. It is a life of walking in the Spirit, trusting God, obeying Him and looking forward to the amazing results He will bring about. Supernatural thinking and supernatural results are only possible for those who are submitted to the lordship of Christ.

The book also includes an audio abridgement read by Mike Huckabee, at the time governor of Arkansas and more recently a candidate for the presidency. It is a nice quality audio CD that smoothly abridges the book.